This summer we are offering our guests the opportunity to stay fit whilst on holidays!  We have developed, together with our expert Lena Lönnbäck, a program for all, that includes:

Free Wellness Activities:

Guided morning walks in the mountain, to the palaces and around the neighbourhood, 2-3 days a week

Exercise classes, 5 times a week, including:

  •         Stretching and core strength  
  •         Functional Training
  •         Circuit Training

The walks are guided by Joana, Virpi or Laura, and the exercise classes by Lena Lönnbäck.  

There are many other options as well, ranging from evaluating your physical condition,  getting your own personalized exercise plan developed, training with a personal trainer, guided half-day hikes and sports massages.  

Please read our blog for further details. 

Lena Lönnbäck is originally from Finland, based in Sweden, and now currently visiting Casa do Valle. She has an education in functional training, and has worked as a personal trainer since 2012, starting at a gym in Finland. Since then she’s also lived and worked in Gothenburg where she started her own business at a studio offering both training and massage.

Lena has a great deal of experience working especially with back and neck problems. As her tools she uses the right kind of training and, if wanted, massage.

Other than that, she has also worked with a football team in Gothenburg, helping the group develop their mobility, stamina and overall physical wellness.