A project of internationalization was recently approved for Casa do Valle!  This project (with the code 42377) is funded by the European Union (FEEI) and falls under the Lisbon Region PT2020 program. 

The objective of our project is to be more present in external markets, making Casa do Valle and for what it stands and Sintra more visible.  We have a strong name in nature tourism, hiking and sustainable tourism, which we will strengthen still by creating roadbooks, an app for walking and better conditions for group travel.  We will be going to explore markets and participate in fairs as well as inviting bloggers and influencers to visit us.  We are concentrating on the markets of northern Europe and North  America and Canada,  and hope to find a way to captivate the active Japanese travelers as well. With all this activity we are creating two new job opportunities in marketing and tourism. 

The total investment amount is 149.175€, of which 59.670€ has the European Union financial support FEDER. The project was approved on March 13th 2019, has its beginning on 1st of April 219 and conclusion on 31st of March 2021.